Tanja Grallert has fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the founding of Cleverly in November 2013. Already since her early childhood, the woman from Salburg was convinced that she wanted to work with people, and especially with children. Therefore, she started her professional career as an educator in a nursery. After four years, she switched to the advertising industry and gained new experiences in direct marketing for radio stations, tourism companies and international corporations.

After twelve years in the advertising world, Grallert could not help himself: she dared to take the decisive step to unite her interests in the best possible way. “That’s how Cleverly came into the world,” she says. “I’m happy to work with children, parents, and businesses now, not just to realize my own childhood dream. With unique concepts that are fully responsive to the needs of children and adults, we work together to meet the great and small desires of people every day. ”

Tanja Grallert and her team of 17 pedagogues are happy about the trust that numerous regular customers – companies and private individuals – have shown. “My clients entrust me with the most valuable thing in life: their children. That’s a special thank you for our work, “she says.