Our wishing stars traveled to Cuba

Me and the wishing stars in Cuba – it was great. Cuba is a colorful country with happy people and lots and lots of sun. At 30 degrees it’s hard to believe that Austria is in deepest winter.

Havana was the first stop for our wishing stars from the Christmas Post Office Weihnachtspostamt vom Hellbrunner Adventzauber. On the classic car, they presented themselves beautifully. Of course, we were immediately interviewed by our guide, what’s up with the colorful paper stars. So I told him of children in Austria, what they dream and wish for, and that the wishing stars should be a symbol for ” Everything is possible”

You can imagine, the dreams of Cuban children are often the same and some are different.

We have learned that traveling is not always easy for Cubans.

They have to apply for a special permit if they want to visit their capital, Havana. What would that mean for us? If we live in Salzburg and want to go to Vienna, we would have to go to the office and ask for permission.

When our guide told us this, we got quite confused but then he laughed and said. “But you know, Cuban music travels everywhere.” Of course we had to agree with Carlos. The great rhythms are on every street corner and on our car radio too.

Back to the wishing stars:

It was really funny when we had the star with the desire for a fin on the windshield of the fancy sled. I read it as a sign and thought: they want to go to the beach and to the sea. The first time to the Caribbean Sea! So I put our colorful companions back in the envelope, exchanged our vintage car to a white one and the journey continued.

2005 km through a land of contrasts,

filled with life and spiced with salsa. Oh yeah, by the way, speaking of salsa: we have learned that salsa means broth or sauce. Dance sauce :). That means many, many different rhythms and dances flow together and each region of Cuba has its own style.

If I could, I would have brought you with me and shown you the dolphins, flamingos, palm trees and the beach, but at least the stars were there for you and they sucked up all the scent.

The next stop will be in Mexico in February. If you’re traveling somewhere and want to bring some wishing stars with you – please let us know!

And don’t forget… our stars are the ambassadors for the 3 girls from www.sailingforkids.at

We have already bought 8 nautical miles and are looking forward to each and everyone that we can acquire together with you.