Happy Birthday, Cleverly!

Happy Birthday, Cleverly!

Time flies, kids, Cleverly is already 5 years old. Time to take a stroll down memory lane. Cleverly was born back in 2010 although back then I didn’t have the courage to start my own business. I had made rather bad experiences in the past: 8 years earlier my dream got shattered and I lost a lot of money and energy.

Still I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to do something for children and families. The thought of a better world pushed me forward and so I thought: “I’m not the person to create my own company but I’m pretty good at bringing people together, connect them and I’m good with kids. In my heart I’m still a kid.” All of a sudden, the fear of loss was gone but the thought of asking people for money was, emotionally very strange for me, but I’m good at finding solutions: Take what you need to live (I don’t need much) and the rest goes back to my customers.

Schwup-di-wup and Cleverly was alive and kicking, a club for other nonprofit clubs. It happened just the way it had to happen, and I stayed afloat with a part-time job at a kindergarten. With a lot of energy, love and help from my first girls we rocked the first children’s events, and BAM! I learned something else. Nobody knew what they donated their money for and they mostly just wanted to pay for what they got. I realized I couldn’t live off my part-time job anymore.

Many tears followed and the fear of putting everything on one card at the age of 40 was terrifying, being aware of that that card was me. To trust myself and my skills. I did it and since the 14th of November 2013 Cleverly is an agency. The last five years has gone by in a flash and Cleverly is on a good course. I am extremely happy about that.

Thank you to everyone that has ever supported me, thanks to the kids, who are always honest with us. And since Cleverly’s nearly reached school age, I will start to share my knowledge with you.. I’ll let you know shortly! As Martin Luther King once said: I have a dream…