Stories from the Christmas post office: flowers for great grandpa

Our christmas post office angel was particularly touched on December 4 when she discovered the green star of 4-year-old Manuel. A heart was drawn on it and it said “Please, I wish for a flower for great grandpa!” – The fact that Manuel must be a boy with a particularly big heart, was clearly shown here.

Our angel immediately set everything in motion to bring joy to Manuel and his currently ill great grandpa. Since she wasn’t in town to take care of the matter herself, she contacted her dear friend, Santa Claus from Cleverly. Of course, you need several lovely people for such a project and so the wheels were set in motion. Karin from Hellbrunner Adventzauber got us in touch with the Aiglhof garden market, which immediately agreed to realize this wish for Manuel.

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Eventually Manuel, his mom, Santa Claus and Tanja from Cleverly made their way to the Aigelhof garden market together. What happened there was just magical. The warm welcome of the whole Aigelhof team and the openness of Manuel in combination with the caring Santa Claus made everyone present shine. When asked whether he (Manuel) liked the bouquet for his great grandpa, he answered quite naturally with: “WOOW beautiful!” Which delighted everyone involved even more.

We’ve caught the whole moment on video, have a look (link)

As Manuel was about to leave the garden market to go to great grandpa, he got some guilty conscience and said: “and now we need a bouquet for great grandma too.” which of course made the others shed another tear of joy. Manuel and his mom left the garden market completely satisfied, with the angels star bouquet for great grandpa in one hand, and in the other, the purchased bouquet for great grandma. Santa Claus and Tanja reported to the Christmas post office angel about the successful surprise and the heart-warming day with Manuel. The angel was happy that she had discovered this special star among the annually almost 1,500 stars in the Christmas post office.


Manuel with great grandpa and great grandma, how absolutely lovely



A warm thank you to all the helpers and festive greetings from the Christmas post office from Cleverly!