Partying and helping – the perfect combination!

Life is an adventure. That’s why we’re going sailing! But back to the start, let’s keep things in order. Do you remember the wishing stars from the christmas post office? They will join Jürgen Norbert Fux as he sails away on the seven seas. And the best thing about it: On his way across the Atlantic and back to Salzburg many of the wishes will have transformed into money that the little pricesses Lilly, Angelina and Emelie can make good use of in making their everyday lives easier. The big adventure of the wishing stars is called Sailing for Kids (just click on the name to get all the info you need).

As you may already know, we’re collecting sea miles for the three girls: Each of our customers 2019 gets one. But that’s not enough for us! We really want to set the wheels in motion and travel along with mr Fux. We will support him the best way we can: by partying! As experts on child care at events, birthdays, family parties and weddings, we know how to make small and big guests happy. We’ve got several treats in our event box, for example: kids’ make-up, huge soap bubbles, JohnDino the skateboarding magician, party music and our button machine, for making cool accessories. In the Event calendar you can see when and where our next Sailing-for-Kids tour stop is.

Kiddos, we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

PS: You want to help the 3 little princesses together with Fuxi, the Cleverly team and the kids, and at the same time create your own unique party? Great idea! Give us a call and we’ll make it happen.