Do more of what you love!

Do you know that feeling when somebody wants to help you fulfill your dream?

That’s an awesome feeling. As I started working for Cleverly I was pretty blue-eyed concerning all the work happening before and around all the cool events. I still have blue eyes though (by nature). But by now I definitely know that it takes loads of oranisation, creativity, love for the cause und stamina to pull it all off. Tanja does great things and that’s something I don’t take for granted. She started her company and followed her dream. Now she’s helping me follow my dream and that is truly awesome! My concept of a skateboarding school takes a little bit more shape everyday. And mind you, skateboarding is not just for kids, it’s for the adults aswell. For example mother and daughter can learn together. Anything is possible!

Research work, collecting ideas, talking to people in the business, trying to put it on paper and so on and so forth, is what i’m doing at the moment.

Right now Tanja is in Cuba and can enjoy some good old sunshine and heat, enjoy her vacation – well deserved i must say! We’re wishing her plenty of fun and we’ll be happy to experience more adventures together when she comes back