Maedchen isst Schnitzel.

“Cleverly eats” is a marketing tool for the catering trade

Bringing the sparkle in children’s eyes back into the eyes of adults while making girls and boys proud. “Cleverly eats” is a declaration of love to the community. As a prelude, eating together is the focus of attention as meals bring everyone together. They unite young and old. Cleverly’s team lovingly shows children how to make small dishes. Because they are the ones who hold the wooden spoon firmly in their hands and spoil their parents with culinary delights. On the program: cook together, experiment, serve, laugh, eat and enjoy. Kitchen fairies and magicians learn one or two tricks from a professional.

“Cleverly eats” happily takes on more challenges.

The Cleverly team dives with the children into completely different professional and experiential worlds and shows the little ones playfully, lovingly and responsibly the world of the big ones. It doesn’t just have to be in the kitchen, and Cleverly might look at what a carpenter does or learning from a mechanic how a car engine works.

Cleverly knows that little ones need to discover and the big ones like to show what they can and have created. Cleverly uses these points of contact. In the varied implementation help restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and educators with heart and vision.

Our recipe for a successful time: high-quality food. Family-conscious businesses. Competent pedagogues and child-friendly experts who are successful in professional life.

“Cleverly eats” is looking forward to children from three to twelve years old as well as to (knowledge-)hungry adults.

Companies that invite “Cleverly eats” can pass on their knowledge responsibly to girls and boys. The parents can be sure that their offspring are in the best hands with the experienced educators as they discover new things from the adult world. Joie de vivre and imagination, big tables, glasses, and cutlery are ready. We’re immensely hungry!