The Christmas post office at the Hellbrunner Adventzauber

For many years our angel has been visited by young and old at the Christmas post office. Everytime the door opens, magic happens. The children’s eyes are glistening and their parents are shining with them. “A lovely welcome, please come in!”, says the angel to the families.

“Wow, so many stars!” is a classic statement. “Where do they come from?” asks Niklas. “Look over there” says the angel: In front of the children is a table, full of paper stars, in different colors, for them to choose from. The angel says: “It is now your star, and you can draw something on it or write your wish to baby Jesus.” (He’s the one the Austrians send their wishes to). The star means a lot to the little ones, it is a sign of hope, a letter to baby Jesus.

Once they’ve drawn and written on their star, it is time to find the perfect spot for it. “Right there”, says Marie happily. Once the star is at its place in heaven, it’s time to leave our little hut. Some are eager to know if their wish really comes to baby Jesus. The angel replies with a counter-question: “Do you believe it will?” As the families leave and continue on their advent magic journey, their wishes and dreams travel away on a journey to be fulfilled. If they ever get there?… Well, we certainly believe so.