Skateboardtrainer Johnny macht einen ollie

The perfect skateboard setup for the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is soon to be here and perhaps you’d like him to give you a skateboard.

SO what do you need to skate? Basically three things: a skateboard, a helmet/protective gear and a pair of shoes. You can find cool skateboards in different price ranges. The important thing is that it rolls and turns. Looking at the bearings and trucks in this case. Complete boards in the cheap price range (20 – 40€), that you’ll find at the home depot, toy store or bigger super market, do look cool but are often of pretty bad quality. They don’t roll and don’t turn.

I recommend that you get a board from the price range 80 – 120€. They’re not too expensive and the quality will last you way longer. As a future skateboarder, you should know: Don’t ride in the rain with your cool thing, because the bearings don’t like it and the wooden board will soak up the water and get soggy. You’ll need shoes with a flat sole and they shouldn’t be too thin. Indoor sports shoes or similiar shoes will do just fine.

Did you know? Smart kids protect their heads and skateboard helmets look rad. Short on cash? Your bicycle helmet works perfect too. And your other protective gear you’ll find in almost every sports shop, in 3-pack (knee- and elbow pads and wrist guards). Now you are fully equipped and we can start rolling!

I hope this was helpful, and if you’d like some training with me, tell your parents and mr. Easter Bunny.

C U soon

Skatecoach Johnny aka JohnDino

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