Miniramp skateboarding in Kuchl

Miniramp skateboarding is very good for developing the feel for the board and feeling how the body has to move. Skateboarding is an art form in which I want to bring you closer. In the Miniramp we go through the basics and practice what the stuff holds. Of course, without pressure and musts, it’s all about fun!

Yesterday I met with Victor and his Birthday crew in Aigen. With the S-Bahn railway, we went to Kuchl where the Miniramp waited for us. Protectors and helmets put on, running around to warm the joints and off you go! How to properly stand on the board is task number 1. To push and keep momentum coming right after that. 20 minutes later, all the boys go back and forth in the miniramp and I do not see one sad face.

Though they are well concentrated because it is not easy. The smiles on their faces even bigger when it works 🙂 The skateboard Birthday was mega fun and the boys hardly wanted to eat the Birthday cake because “then we have less time to skate!”, But there was still a little time for cake and something to drink. It is exhausting too. Skating is something special – creative and without rules but still with precise movements and respect for your fellow skater. Time passed quickly, the fun inevitably had to come to an end. Protectors and helmets were put together and we went back to the platform together. The S-Bahn brought us back home almost punctually.