Julia interviews Johnny for her Skateboard Birthday Party

Our coach Johnny gave Julia 9 an Interview concerning the theme skateboard Birthday party

Hi Johnny!

How’s it going, Julia?

Superb thanks, I’ll ask you my first question right away, OK?


Skateboard Birthday parties are surely only for boys, right?

No way. Our skateboard parties are for anyone who likes action and movement and for those who want to give their guests that WOW-effect. Mia (9) the skater girl showed the boys at her party how great girls can be. I was quite amazed.

So how does a skateboard party look like?

I’ll show you our style and how to stand safely on and how to move with the skateboard. Wherever the experience level is at with your girls and boys, I’ve got something for everyone!

Where do these parties take place?

Basically anywhere where there’s a flat surface. For example last week Valentin turned 9 and it was really hot outside. Obviously, we needed a place where we could skate, but also cool down and chill. Our choice, The Island. It’s a cool skatepark and the pool Ayabad is right nearby. We’ve got a good amount of places we can go so don’t worry, we’ll find a great spot for you and your party crew.

Super, but you never know how the weather will be, is that a problem?

Well, not really. At Julian’s (10) party it rained cats and dogs. Cancel the party, no way. We used their garage, our portable ramps, and the party was a success.

And how many friends can I invite to the party?

Hm, all of them. Oh well, maybe not all of them. About 5 – 10 guests would be ideal so that you all can try and learn something.

What do we learn with you?

It’s all a matter of your motivation and body awareness. We’ll start with the right foot position on the board. In the miniramp or whatever we have at hand, I’ll show you how to pump and pick up speed and you can try kickturns. On flat ground, we’ll practice ollies, truckstands, manuals, hippie jumps…

What about the cake and the gifts?

I’ll bring decorations for the table and I hope that your friends will bring the presents ;). I’m not the best at baking so either your mom can bring the cake, or I’ll order one. You’ll just have to tell me what you like. We could throw a BBQ too and grill some hot dogs, or eat a veggie lasagna. It doesn’t always have to be cake. I mean, skateboarding is different anyhow. 

Hey Johnny, now I’d like to know when do you have time and mom would like to know what it costs? 

Just send me an email and I’ll make your parents an offer. We will find the time for your party, I promise.

Great, thanks for the interview, will you show me another trick?

Of course, as many, as you like.

CU Johnny – See you soon Julia!

Photo Martina Weiss