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Happy Birthday PORR – celebrating with the PORR Family

Happy Birthday PORR

There are those phone calls, giving you an invite you to an appointment that lets your heart beat a little faster.

One of those calls reached us earlier this year. “We’re celebrating our company anniversary with our staff and you were recommended to us. We expect a few children, (there were about 100), and we would like to present them with a great program. Can you give us an offer?”

After the first conversation, the frame was clear for us. The whole PORR family is celebrating there. PORR wants a gala of the hearts, where everyone should feel comfortable and where they set a cozy atmosphere and collectively say THANK YOU for the common path.

Exactly at such festivities, we play our strengths. The view of the whole family. Because if the little guests are happy, it will be a party for all.

Our concept is age-extended from 0.5 to 12 years. Personally, I was already looking forward to the openness and the advance of trust during the conception phase.

Classic children’s entertainment tools such as bouncy castle, face painting and arts and crafts combined with skateboard parkour, baby lounge, and children’s cinema.

We were able to surprise the parents of the little ones with tips and tricks, give them a bit of freedom and awaken the interest in the big boys and girls for skateboarding. My Oompa-Loompas have told me, that even the senior staff was spotted on the skateboards ;-).

We like to rethink the idea of childcare. No matter if we are small or big, in the future, we go together, because we want to give ideas for new adventures in the children’s entertainment and to remember a nice party with self-made take-aways. The most beautiful compliments we read in the eyes of the guests and often we hear sentences like: “Look, I’ve done this myself and when will we celebrate next time?”

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