Die Elsa Eiskönigin mit einem Mädchen, das als Pocahontas verkleidet ist.

Children’s hero or super hero – with us, you’ll meet them!

Children’s heroes and superheroes for corporate events, walking acts and children’s birthday parties.

When I (Tanja) was young, I always wanted to meet Pippilotta Viktualia Rullgardina Krusmynta Efraims’ daughter Longstocking. My heroine – the strong, naughty, Pippi! I explained to my mom that I needed a horse, a monkey, and superpowers. In the dream, Pippi wanted to make the world colorful with me.

Often I researched how to get in touch with her, I decided to use a message in a bottle. I sent my birthday invitation to Ms. Langstrumpf over the Salzach to Sweden. And you would hardly believe it. Although Pippi did not come to see me, one day I would fly to her. I was visiting Pippi Longstocking land. I measured myself in pancakes (actually I’m 162 pancakes tall) and we celebrated together. That was a party.

Why am I telling you this? Quite simply, we make children’s dreams come true! With us you can meet your hero, your heroine, wherever you want. You no longer need a message in the bottle, although it works great. Today it’s easy, write us an email. We know Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Spiderman, Firefighter Sam, JohnDino, Pocahontas, Ladybug and many more personally. We’ll check you in for a Meet and Greet with your kids’ heroes. An unforgettable experience for all little guests. Whether at a shopping center or Pauli’s dino birthday, eyes will shine.