Children are celebrating a joyful ‚party within the party‘!

A party within the party, with adventures, exciting stories, and laughter!

While the bride strides to the alter, the couple says „Yes.“ to each other and celebrates with the guest after Tanja and her team from Cleverly have loads to do. They are celebrating a party of their own with all the little ones – a „party within the party“.

Professional childcare for Tanja does not just start the day of the wedding. Early on she is busy figuring out which fun activities she can plan at the wedding and reception location. If the celebration takes place on a castle or fortress, she creates adventure games to play, plans some arts and crafts and makes sure that all danger hazards are removed ahead of time.

According to the Cleverly owner there are three things no party can be without: rice, UNO-cards and books.

„There is no childcare without a story time!“ she says. Even the most hyper and excited kid can be calmed down with this simple trick. As soon as the pedagogue opens up a book the children get comfy and start to listen closely. And what is the rice all about? It can also be used as a relaxation tool by filling it in a balloon, tying a knot and kneading it. As soon as the atmosphere turns up louder and more active, these balloons can also be used as throwing balls, which the kids have to race for in order to collect them all.

Luitgard from Bavaria stumbled upon Tanjas child care service on the internet. She got married in Zell am See in 2013 and left the entertainment and supervision of her 30 little guests in Cleverly’s expert hands. Luitgard claims that Tanja’s service was the most straightforward and that she knew everything would run smoothly after first consultation.

And that’s exactly what happened.

While the grown-ups celebrated, the children had an area of their own created for them by the Cleverly team. According to Luitgard the extra area was perfect, since the kids didn’t have to separate themselves from their parents every time the wedding program would have been a bit boring for them. The Cleverly team looked after the little guests lovingly while they were having their meals and also made sure that they were supervised while they were sleeping.

The grown-ups got the chance to celebrate and dance all night. Since there were many young families it was amazing for the parents to be able to enjoy their night worry free and without a baby-phone, the former bride recalls. Adding that Tanja had an amazing sense for the needs of the kids, which made her special day even more successful.

Since Luitgard had an exceptional amount of young guests,

Tanja arrived in Zell am See with a couple of extra pedagogues on hand. Tanjas credo is that loving care needs a reasonable care taking equation in order to give all the children the attention they need and deserve. Therefore she hires one care taker for every ten kids and every kid under the age of two counts twice.

Because Tanja knows that too many sweets aren’t good for the children’s stomachs she makes sure that they do not overeat on the sweet treats most weddings provide. That way none of the kids get sick. In addition to that she also makes sure that every boy and girl has enough to drink and plenty of time to finish his/her meal. That way not only the kids but also the adults can have a magical day.

It is very important to Tanja,

that all the kids come to her play area out of the free will. She sees her child care as the basis for the opportunity to bring the kids to the wedding in the first place. Together they can then find a balance between the active play phases and some downtime. The children’s area with all its different activity stations helps the kids to release any nervousness that might have been building up during the big event.

„Nothing is prohibited, not even cellphones“, Tanja emphasizes. If a child wants to play on the smartphone, it is allowed to do so. 99% of the time the parents’ phone will be left lying in the corner as soon as the children discover all the fun things Tanja and her team have prepared.

Once the children have played enough during their ‚party within the party‘ and they are ready to be put to bed, the books come into play again. Tanja already talks to the parents about their children’s night time rituals prior to the wedding and makes sure they have everything they need in order to fall asleep. Their favorite plush animals are already waiting for them when the exciting day comes to an end.